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Superior engineered construction with solid 18mm lippings and thick face veneer. The Modena has 5 “feature” horizontal grooves and is supplied unfinished. This door must be fully protected from rain and direct sunlight by a porch, recess or overhang. We also stock oak frame kits.

44mm Standard

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Oak Modern

Our white oak doors are produced to an extremely high specification from component parts carefully chosen to accommodate the challenges laid down by the UK climate. As with all timber products manufactured for external use, performance is reliant on both initial and ongoing maintenance. If a small area of the product is untreated or if the exterior seal becomes cracked, moisture will penetrate (or escape in summer months!) causing the door to expand or contract at an abnormal rate. This is the most common reason for a door to fail. It is also recommended that any external door, but particularly Oak, must be protected from exposure to direct sun and rain. This is usually achieved by a porch, recess or overhang of a minimum of 1.5 meters. If this precaution is not observed, the performance and appearance of the door will not be satisfactory.