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Oak Linings, Architraves & Skirting


Linings are available in three widths – 108mm, 133mm and 150mm. The standard thickness is 22mm and each boxed set comprises 2 x 2100mm & 1 x 1050mm lengths. Included in the box are loose “stops” – 2no @ 12x45x2100mm and 1no. @ 12x45x1050mm. We also offer a lining 32mm thick in 133mm width which is suitable for use with FD30 doors if fitted with an intumescent strip.

35mm Standard

40mm Standard

44mm Standard

44mm FD30



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Oak Linings, Architraves & Skirting

These mouldings are constructed of solid laminated timber and over-veneered in Oak. The kits are available in a "Modern" (rounded top) profile and supplied in boxed sets and un-lacquered.